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Our History
Horizon Productions was formed in 1989 by owner Jim O'Brien. Jim has an extensive background in video production having graduated from UCLA with a BA in Motion Picture/Television back in 1983. After completing his education he worked for 5 years in the cable television industry producing TV commercials for local businesses.

Since starting Horizon Productions he has personally videotaped hundreds of weddings. "It's very important that the person taping your wedding has a lot of experience", says Jim. "Weddings are one of the most challenging things to shoot properly. Things can change without a moment's notice, and you must constantly be aware of what is going on and be able to instantly adapt to the situation. After all, you're capturing a once-in-a-lifetime event, and you have only one chance to get it right."

Our Philosophy
Our philosophy in covering weddings is to remain an unobtrusive observer of the day's events and not try to "take-over" and orchestrate the activities. We take a documentary style approach to your video which we feel most accurately captures the sights, sounds and emotions of your special day. Every wedding is different, and we want your wedding video to be something which is uniquely your own.

Our Equipment
We use the latest high-definition video cameras to capture all the images of your day with amazing sharpness and clarity. These HD cameras are similar to the ones that TV stations use. They offer outstanding performance which is especially important in capturing all the details.

How your video sounds is just as important as how it looks, so we use a variety of microphones to make sure you can hear your vows, the music, and readings during your ceremony. And when it comes to putting it all together our state-of-the-art digital editing system gives us the tools to create a video you can always treasure.
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