We offer three different packages depending on your coverage needs and budget.

Basic Package


Wedding Ceremony - We videotape your complete ceremony from start to finish and add beautiful graphic titles which introduce and close your video. You receive the master Blu-ray disc for optimum quality supplied in your own custom-printed case.  Only $595.

Deluxe Package

Wedding Ceremony & Reception  - This popular package includes complete coverage of your wedding ceremony & reception. For that personal touch we also edit the highlights of your day to a special song or music which you choose. Your names and wedding date are included in the beautiful graphic titles which introduce your video and are even professionally printed on the custom-designed case which we provide with your master Blu-ray disc. This package captures all the memories of your special day at an affordable price. Only $1,095.

Premium Package

Wedding Ceremony & Reception with Childhood Photographs - Your video begins with a montage of precious childhood memories from the family photo album. You also receive complete coverage of the wedding ceremony and reception, and we edit the highlights of your day to the song of your choice. Beautiful titles with your names and wedding date introduce your video which comes in a custom-printed case, and we even provide you with two additional DVDs to share with family and friends. This package has it all for only $1,195.